In the United States, as much as 90 percent of startups fail to make a decent revenue and scale properly. But that hasn’t stopped entrepreneurs from risking their time and financial resources time and again. After all, there is great potential in a startup. However, where exactly should you establish a business?

1) Israel

It would be best to start your business here if you have the financial capacity. Plus, getting a VPN Israel doesn’t forbid ensures you can keep viewing content in other countries without any restrictions. Known as the startup nation, Israel has a population fewer than nine million people but boasts a relatively high startup rate.

There are only 0.21 startups for every 1,400 people in the United Kingdom. In France, it’s just 0.112. But in Israel, there is a startup for every 1,400 individuals — and the number continues to grow. Here, about 1,200 startups are founded each year.

Still, Israel isn’t immune to a high failure rate as up to 80 percent of startups fail in Israel. On the other hand, a few of them grow to become huge companies. The IronSource digital content company was founded in 2010 and now has a value of $1 billion. Similarly, game developer Plarium has grown to 1,000 employees working in offices around the world.

2) Poland

Poland is no stranger when it comes to successful startups. In particular, its capital Warsaw has witnessed the rise of CD Projekt. Any serious video gamer is familiar with this company that made the critically acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and is currently developing Cyberpunk 2077.

The country is also where Brainly was founded. It’s an education tech company that has since moved to New York and is handling 150 million users. Even tech giant Google has its eyes on Poland as it opened a Google Campus in 2015. And if you need motivation and connections, just attend the annual Bitspiration startup conference.

3) Malaysia

While it’s a good idea as well to found a startup in neighboring Singapore, there are many good reasons why you should begin in Malaysia. For one, the process to establish your business only takes a couple of weeks. You can even accomplish the documents online.

Furthermore, the affordable living expenses in Malaysia are sure to attract many investors. You can still work with businesses based in Singapore, but yours can stay in Malaysia. It is also a great place to test your service or product to a wide demographic since there are Chinese, Indonesian, and other nationalities here.

Location is a crucial element to the success of your startup. Apart from getting the right people, you must find a place where you spend your resources in the most efficient manner.